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Fira Santorini
You cannot beat this view on any of the Greek Islands...

We have done quite a bit of travelling as a family. Lovely Hubby and I have also done quite a bit of travel independently before we finally met. We love to share our travel stories, especially with other families to help inspire people to take the plunge.

Travelling with kids can be hard, it can be exhausting and it can be stressful.

Better than any of that though, it can also be heartwarming, fun and amazing as you watch your kids grow and learn before your eyes. I’m also constantly astounded by how much these little beings can absorb in their day and how they just roll with life.

I’ll give you an example. We were walking through Petra – one of the most amazing places on the planet; a wonder to behold. We were completely blown away by the whole place! As we were walking down a particularly rocky path, debating whether or not we could continue pushing our poor long-suffering pram, I looked in to check on Little Chubs and low and behold, he was fast asleep. Through all the amazing scenery, the crazy rough track where he was nearly being thrown out of the stroller and yet the little guy was due his nap and was not going to miss it for all the world.

Puts life in perspective don’t you think?

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