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Come and have some fun with me as I share our adventures in Dubai and around the world. We are having a great time and want to share some of the ‘real’ stories that have happened on our adventures. I want to inspire other women and families who feel that travel is not possible when you have young kids or that living abroad is too risky. Life is there to be lived and you can certainly have a lot of fun and laughs doing it! So please, start here…

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” Confucius


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expat stories. this is where I share all the great stories and funny moments as we have been trying to settle into a completely new place and different culture. There are stories about everyday things, some personal reflections and quirky little things that can only happen in Dubai – a little bit of everything to keep it interesting.

travel stories. as we explore the world with our little family, I love to tell some of the crazy, funny and extraordinary things that happen to us along the way. I want to try and help other families plan trips and know that, even though it can be hard at times, your kids get so much from travel that they otherwise won’t learn about the world and themselves. It really is a big classroom out there!

resources. my site has a section called resources which contains links to useful resources for expats in Dubai. Some will be local and some international but I would love to hear feedback on anything recommended in this section. I love to share and am always learning off other people so this is where I like to try and pass on interesting information and links to you.

the influencer
. the book that originally inspired me to change my life from being a sad, unhappily married thirty-something living in one of the worlds most depressing cities to seeking out the very best adventures in life was given to me by a friend. Have a look at the book if you have time – it can be a little schmultzy but if you can wade through the ‘new age’ stuff and get to the core of the message, it’s a good strong foundation for keeping your life happy and positive!









Enjoy exploring!


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