Dubai shopping – we’re not in Kansas anymore Toto (de la Renta)

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  1. Michael says:

    Was the shop named Ribbonz? Haha. Really enjoying your blog posts that I’m now a subscriber. Hahalarious. And yes, your lovely hubby certainly has that slightly sarcastic sense of humour – I managed to find the ‘lesson’ we filmed of him explaining his business unit’s responsibilities. Btw, does he know Nikki is expecting a baby boy?

    • says:

      that’s awesome Mike! you should post it up on the site.. everyone can learn a little something about the old GRC 🙂 Lovely news re Nikki! Do send on our best wishes if you are in contact! And thankyou so much for subscribing! I love hearing that you are enjoying it… keep the comments coming… always love lots of feedback 🙂

  2. Larissa says:

    Well Em, as we drive to get our dinner I am left chuckling to myself and sharing this blog with Craig. All we can do is giggle.
    Love reading about all your great ‘experiences’ Dubai has on offer for you.
    Much Love and Happiness

    • says:

      Thanks Riss… I love hearing that it’s making people laugh. I hope you can keep reading! There’s certainly no shortage of material here I can tell you! A very cool adventure..:) Miss you xxx

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