dubai is an escape?

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  1. christian says:

    Em…….so what you are saying is that after a hard day at work in 40 degree heat the boy doesn’t deserve some me time. You never really believed that you would both be riding across sand dunes on a black stallion to the beat of Lawrence of Arabia!!!

    With regards to Siberia …..remember they have ice hockey, vodka and women with incredibly big knockers just busting to be handled by a taned buffed Aussie lad.

    Stay in the big sand pit, and dress up in a wallabies jersey and a nickers…..then watch Davey beat to your drum.

    big kiss

    • says:

      sigh… if only there were a female equivalent to this male “me time” that seems to be endless! And one can only assume you are intending to move to Sibera lovely lad?? 🙂

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