Dubai beauty salon – top four survival tips

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  1. lisa says:

    Hi Emma,

    I can totally relate to the sporting article! my husband follows the formula one circuit around the world, each season he sets his alarm accordingly depending on the countries start time, I’m sure he is Mark Webber’s number one fan.

    I absolutely smiled when I read your waxing article, how surreal ! I was 21 years old travelling home to AUS for Christmas via Africa. I remember walking from the camping ground to the beauty salon along the locals track feeling overwhelmed and scared by the locals staring at me. I arrived at the salon for a bikini wax, exactly the same situation as you described, up on the table with no inhibitions and I walked out with a Brazilian and I was only charged $1 USD.

    • says:

      Hi Lisa,
      Sounds like you have had some awesome adventures!
      Thankyou so much for your comment… it’s so nice to know that someone out there is reading my stuff and can identify with the funny moments! I didn’t get quite as good a bargain for my waxing but it certainly makes you feel a little bit more wordly having experiences like that! Glad to know someone else is just as dedicated to remaining unfuzzy regardless the trauma to get that way! I hope you keep reading and would love to hear more of your stories as well if you want to share 🙂

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